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Check Out These Crazy Japanese Vending Machines You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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Japanese vending machines don't just dispose of soft drinks they are super unique and might even make you feel crazy at times with the kind of things you can get from these machines 

One of the most common things in Japan are vending machines. You can find one in every corner, they provide a degree of convenience to the people. Since these vending machines are available 24 x 7, they are of great convenience for people in Japan. If you ever feel the need to go out at night for a small walk or have the urge to eat or drink, these vending machines are always there for you. Though the frequency of these vending machines varies depending on the population in the area. These machines are popular across Japan though the frequency of these machines are more in the major cities and less frequently seen in the outskirts. You can easily buy a cold or a hot drink or even ice creams, milk etc within the range of 200 yen and 500 yen from these vending machines.

However, Japanese vending machines don't just dispose of soft drinks. There are some unique machines, which can give out stuff one may find anywhere else in the world.

Alcohol Vending Machine

Can you even imagine! Though alcohol purchases are constrained in other countries to specific shops, Japan has vending machines too. These machines give out different flavors of alcohol, Beer, Chuhi to HighBall. They do have an age restriction though. Unless you are in front of the vending machine inside a hotel, you may need a Japanese Driving License.

A Japanese vending machine that sells various forms of Japanese alchohol.

Milk Vending Machine

These milk vending machines do not only store milk but it stores other dairy products too. Products that you normally see in the convenience stores are also available in these vending machines. These are rare vending machines, offer milk from different parts of Japan. It also stores different flavours of milk. Tea and coffee are also available in these vending machines. 

A Japanese vending machine that only sells various flavors of milk.

 Bee Larvae Vending Machine
Sometimes, the level of craziness in the vending machines can exceed your expectations. Have you ever had the craving to buy Bee Larvae? But if you ever travel to Tokyo and wish to have an omiyage for your friends, the Bee Larvae vending machines won't disappoint, especially if your friends are that crazy too.

A Japanese vending machine that sells edible bea larvae.

Mystery Box Vending Machine

You don't need to go to a casino to try out your luck. Sometimes, all it takes is a visit to one of the unique vending machines in Japan. With 650 of these vending machines available all over Tokyo, you just need 1000 yen and can get anything from LED Light Audio glasses to iPhone lens to a Nintendo DS from this mystery box vending machine.

A Japanese vending machine that sells mystery boxes full of various prizes.

AI-based Vending Machine

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. From superimposing your face on a Mission Impossible poster to identifying which flower is in front of you. AI is making leaps and bounds and helping us in our day-to-day lives. Japan went a step further to introduce this AI-based vending machine. These machines not only help in improving the overall profit margin and customer satisfaction, but they can also use facial recognition to serve the customers.

A Japanese vending machine that is operated with AI technology.

Soup Stock Vending Machine

Ever seen a vending machine that serves soup in a bottle? Ever seen a fried fish inside that soup in the vending machine? I bet you have not unless you are in Japan. The Dashi soup stock vending machine has soup with a complete fried fish inside the bottle. 

A Japanese vending machine that sells dashi soup stock.

Ice-cream Vending Machines

On the other end of the spectrum from the soup stock, are ice-creams. More readily available and visible specially inside the Train stations and near departmental stores, these vending machines can fulfill the ice-cream craving at any time of the day. These are among the most popular vending machines in Japan.

A Japanese vending machine that sells various falvors of Japanese ice cream.

Gashapon Vending Machines

Toys! Vending machines which dispense toys! These vending machines dispense capsules with toy figurines. From Deadpool  to DragonBallz to other anime figurines. These are very popular across Japan and you see them everywhere around including the major shopping areas like Shibuya and Akihabara too.

A wall of gashsapon Japanese vending machines containing mystery toy capsules.

Hot Food Vending Machine

Vending machines are not just limited to the cold items. There are machines in Japan where you can get nearly fresh and hot food, ranging from Burgers, Pizzas, Ramen or even Curry rice.

A photo of a Japanese vending machine that sells hot meals ready to eat.

Popcorn Vending Machine

If you can get Pizza from a vending machine, why not also try to get some fresh popcorn for the late-night Netflix binge. Popcorn vending machines serve fresh and hot popcorn. So, now you have your movie night almost sorted.

A Japanese vending machine that sells popcorn.

Bugs Vending Machine
In all similar trend, we also have live and dead bugs which are dispensed from vending machines in Japan.

A Japanese vending machine containing Japanese beatle toys.

Fruits & Vegetables Vending Machine

Ever thought you can get Lettuce from a vending machine? What about a bunch of fresh and ripe bananas? Or maybe a Mandarin orange? All of these are available in vending machines in Japan. 

A Japanese vending machine containing bananas.

You don't have to always rush to a convenience store if you are in Japan and have these vending machines around your place. 

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