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Tokyo Disneyland VS Tokyo DisneySea!

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If you are in Japan and you cannot decide which theme park you want to go, you might need this useful guide. Why? Because we’ll do our best to give you a great comparison between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, the features of each location and then you can judge which might suit you most! Keep reading this to get useful information and you might be able to decide where to go next! Disneyland? DisneySea? Or even both? (●≧ω≦)9

Tokyo Disneyland

If you crave for something magical, fairy tale-ish place, you can go to Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland always makes you feel like you are in the happiest place on earth! Here’s the things that’ll make you want to visit Disneyland.

1. Kids Friendly

If you’re planning to bring your children, Tokyo Disneyland is a must-visit place for you. They have lots of attractions that are more suitable for children so it would be the best place to visit for families with younger children especially.

2. Cinderella Castle

Disneyland wouldn’t be the same without this iconic feature! If you want to experience being a Cinderella in a day, you can go visit this Cinderella castle. It is one of the most beautiful spots to take a photograph. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery around Cinderella Castle!

3. Cute Souvenirs

Disneyland is known for its cute souvenirs that you can’t get anywhere except Disneyland. If you’re a die-hard Disney-fan, you will love Disneyland! Although your bank account might not as you might be want to buy all the cute souvenirs here…!

4. Fun Parades

You can see lots of parades in Disneyland all day long, where you can enjoy the parades with your kids. There are so many themes of the parade that you won’t want to miss. And of course, one thing that you definitely must not miss when you’re in Disneyland… their fireworks of course! You have to end the day with a bang to spice up your life, right?

Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo on a summer day, we would recommend you visit Tokyo DisneySea instead. Who wouldn’t love playing with water being surrounded by thrilling rides? You can also have a date with your special someone, so why don’t you go for a picnic here in DisneySea? DisneySea is definitely known as a hot date spot, so why not try it out?

1. Exciting rides

If you like some rides to make your heart race, you have to visit DisneySea as they have so many thrill seeker rides that you can enjoy. For example, Tower of Terror, Storm Rider, Raging Spirit Coaster, and many more. Are you prepared to ride them?

2. Only One In The World

While Disneyland is available in some other countries, you can only find DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan. You wouldn’t want to miss visiting this place as it’s the only one in the world. Visit and experience the greatness of DisneySea, only in Japan!

3. Adult-Orientated

If Disneyland was made to be kids-friendly, DisneySea is more adult-oriented. You can see how much exciting yet thrilling ride here in DisneySea, it’s perfect to be a date spot for couples! Not to mention they do have alcohol on sale here too. But remember to drink responsibly if you do, you wouldn’t want to risk ruining your fun after all, right? ( ̄ω ̄)

4. Luxurious Souvenirs

You can find more classic and luxurious souvenirs add to your collection here. While the souvenirs in Disneyland is mostly toys, souvenirs from DisneySea are mostly collectables (although don’t worry, you can still find your cute plushies here too!). Why don’t you try to collect them all? You’ll definitely not regret adding these to your home!

So, have you decided which one to visit? Of course, we’d recommend visiting both of the theme parks if you have the time so you can experience the difference. It’ll be a worthwhile experience! What are you waiting for? Let’s run to the happiest place on earth! ε=٩(●❛ö❛)۶

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