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Japanese Snacks & Candy

The Best Japanese Candy of 2020

In spite of all the odds in 2020, Japan did not fail its candy lovers. Japan came out with some of the best candies in


The Most Bingeable Food Anime to Watch

Everyone loves food! American food, Latin food, Chinese food, and especially Japanese food. Food has a way of bringing people together. The way the delicious

Japanese Snacks & Candy

Japanese Confectioners: Wagashi-ya and Dagashi-ya

Okashi, Wagashi, Dagashi… What’s the difference? Okashi (お菓子) is the general term for Japanese sweets and snacks. Wagashi and dagashi are both types of okashi.

Japanese Snacks & Candy

What are Japanese Dagashi?

Japanese candies (菓子) and snacks are very popular among visitors and locals alike. They are easy to eat, come in many different types, and flavors.